Palazzo Besta: what a surprise!

As we were approaching the ancient village of Teglio (SO), for the meeting with Dr. Berizzi Flora, art historian, director of Palazzo Besta, certainly wec could not even imagine it. In a mountain landscape in the heart of the Alps of Valtellina, once it crossed the valley and went up the mountain along terraces of vines and fields of rye and buckwheat (since the time of the Romans!), Here we arrive ...

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Saint George Castle in Monferrato

From 1000 to today, through the centuries, the castle of St. George stands proudly in the landscape in Monferrato ready to live an exciting new season. The energy of its stones and the sound of its walls tells stories of millenary Templars, Marquis and artists, of pomp and battles. A new adventure for us to tell the world.

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Alfredo Ramirez

If we had to describe artist Alfredo Ramirez, we would say “human”, more than “Venezuelan artist,”. Because he is what people of planet earth should be. He is “light” and “large” at the same time thanks to the great energy that he emanates and the sweetness of his soul. Caracas squares count many of his huge works , imposing and subtle at the same time, but also ...

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