At Brera, Raphael and Perugino

It seems that at every level of our existence encounters make the difference.
The “clashes” of our electrons at the subatomic level and their release of energy, the contact of our souls with other souls, and the inevitable outbreak of a reaction.
Our choices are often consequences of interactions and relationships that allow us to grow and choose (consciously or unconsciously) our way.

Who has had the good fortune to meet a Master in its path knows what we mean. The awareness of the need to stand next to that light that lets us finally lights up that piece of dark world that can also become ours.

This is also the magic of this precious exhibition at Brera.

We are having the great privilege to work (Logo and Design of the Show), with two immense Renaissance masterpieces side by side, for the first time in hundreds of years. We expect to see them close in “our” Brera, witnesses of that meeting, between Perugino and Raphael, of the influence of the Master on his pupil and above all the talent that finds his way with humility and courage.

Maybe this is much more than just work …

Raphael and Perugin
and two
Marriages of the Virgin

17th March > 27th June 2016
Pinacoteca di Brera, Sala XXIV

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