The sky over “Last Supper”

Following the recent inauguration of the new lighting of the famous Leonardo’s Last Supper, we had the honor to visit the Refettorio in its renewed splendor: no more a work that books and posters give back as gloomy and dark, but a new masterpiece full of light and depth.
If we close our eyes and we can even imagine that the ceiling of the great hall had been decorated by Leonardo with an intense night sky, similar to the ceiling of the Bramante Sacristy in Santa Maria delle Grazie, we would like to travel back at that time with our nose upward.
Thanks to Dr. Lorenza Dall’Aglio, we had the chance to visit also the small room behind the wall painting: that was sooo exciting! A dense network of cables, weights and equipment ready to record and transmit the smallest vibrations of the wall, hand-signed bricks, layers of technologies for the protection of our Heritage.
Proude to be Italian!

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